About Trash

Trash is a brand created by Angela Brejt, which is directed for cooperation with creative, ambitious and talented graphic artists who often do not have formal education but have a soul and this something that makes them special. I'm always open for cooperation with people who have bold and unconventional ideas. If you are creating or designing something let me know! Who knows …. maybe we will work together.

As a vegetarian I will always make sure that my collections do not have any elements from natural skin or fur. There are so many beautiful materials to use, that there is no need to take advantage of animals' suffering. Earth can be a better place to live and we will look gorgeous any way:)

There is a reason that my collections are limited. Most of the clothes that you will find in here are created in 4 to 5 copies but there are also single copies of some of the clothes. These are special offers for special women. Which one of us hasn’t dreamed about owning the only dress or jacket in the world? Trash gives such a possibility for a reasonable price.

I'm trying to design clothes for people of various shapes and sizes. I always thought that playing with fashion is for everyone and body weight or size should not be an obstacle but a challenge. So TRASH is not only for slim women...with the passing of time I'm going to add projects targeted at women with ''standard'' shapes and also for the chubby ones. I will not forget about pregnant women because future mothers have a right to look gorgeous and feel that way while commercially produced pregnancy clothes are unfortunately “grey bags”. So Ladies keep an eye out for me!

TRASH proves that in order to look gorgeous and wear outstanding clothes you don't have to spend a fortune. As I already mentioned, fashion is a game where you can come up with something amazing from zero. The name of the brand is associated with the idea that in the end every piece of clothing will end up in a trash bin.

If you ask for my inspiration I would say: punk , hardcore , Iggy Pop , Bath Dito ,Vivien Westwood: People and phenomena of great strength and energy. This is what TRASH is and I would like my brand to motivate you.

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